Customer Account Id field not available in Response

For various queries (orders/products/purchase_orders etc.) it is possible to filter by customer_account_id. However, it appears that the customer_account_id field is not available in the response which would be useful for me.

Is there a way to get the customer_account_id value? If not what’s the reason for not making it available?


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Hello @rypaul12 !

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Let me investigate your concern and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

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I did a little test and it appears account_id is the same as customer_account_id, can you confirm?

Additionally, on the account query can you confirm that the customers list represents the merchants within a 3pl account (and those account_ids would match what’s on the response of the other inventory/orders/etc. queries)?

Hey @rypaul12,

Thanks for hanging in there!

The customer_account_id field is the account_id associated with a 3PL’s child account (or merchant account). When querying your customers, the Account ID returned for each can be input in various queries and mutations using the customer_account_id field.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.