Deleted Warehouse

The warehouses that were deleted in UI (use button delete) still exist in the GraphQL response (account query)

How can we confirm that the warehouses were deleted?

Hey @creuhapizagreu,

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to our Developer Community!
I’ll start looking into this and get back to you shortly.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


Thank you for getting back to me so soon, I’ll stay tuned for the next update on that.

Hey @Rayanp,

Any updates on this issue?

Hey @creuhapizagreu,

Thanks for hanging in there!

Could you provide me with a list of warehouses that have been deleted? I’ll reach out internally and see if anything can be done to remove them

Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to assist.


Hi @Rayanp,

At first I had 4 warehouses (Primary, Test, Sample Test, Example), then I deleted them on the UI using the Delete button, after deleting 2 warehouses (Test, Sample Test) then it showed Example, Primary on the UI, but when I called the API it still had 4 warehouses as before. Is there any field to confirm that it has been deleted or not? Like ‘active’ or ‘deleted’ for example. Or is there any filter that can only query 2 warehouses (Example, Primary) that have not been deleted?