Expected `auth0-forwarded-for

I am getting this error even when using postman:
{“message”: “Expected auth0-forwarded-for header to be a valid IP address.”}

Post request to https://public-api.shiphero.com/auth/token with the following:

Hey @TAN,

Welcome to the ShipHero Developer Community!
I’m going to look into that issue and get back to you with an update.


I am getting the exact same issue when trying to get the token.
What’s the solution? Urgent. Thank you @Rayanp

Hey @gcbee and @TAN,

This issue has been escalated to our Engineering Team and is currently in progress.
I’ll let you know when the issue has been resolved, thanks for hanging in there!


Started to get this error Today 2022-07-11 around 13:00 GMT
Was working about few hours before.

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Hey Team,

I believe this issue is now fixed, could you try now and let me know if it is working on your end?


Thank you Rayan, it is indeed working now.

As a side note for everyone who experienced this issue; bearer token has been refreshed.

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