Generate Token API is failing

API to generate token, , is failing with error
{“message”: “Unexpected error. Please contact a system administrator.”}

Hi @sunny.lakhmani !
Is the email you are using ?
And also, what are you using to make that request (for example, I use Postman for this type of request)
Is the request formatted as in ?
Thanks in advance,

this is the request

Same request as mentioned the docs

curl -X POST -H “Content-Type: application/json” -d
‘{ “username”: “email”,
“password”: “password”

Response - {" message": “Unexpected error. Please contact a system administrator.”}

Is it for email
Also, what is it that you are sending as Headers (2) ?

yes its for
No Headers are sent in the request.

Thanks for that
So you should be sending it as a JSON. You can do this by adding this to the header:

(Or by changing it on your screenshot from Text to JSON)

Was this resolved? I am having the same issue

Have you changed the header to Content-Type application/json?

Hi Theresa, yes I have. Tried urlencoded as well but no luck

Are you using postman? If you could post a screenshot with sensitive information blacked out?

Hi Jeff,
Can we continue through It is more secure, just let them know that we were working together in the community and the rep will assign it to me. Thanks in advance!