Fulfill an order with line items


Please Clear my doubts here
I have an order which is in pending or default state, this order has 2 line items

Now I want to fulfill this order manually at the Dashboard(3PL admin panel) and using API

Can you please clarify these things
Do we first need to “ready to ship” state, and what does it mean?
Things not getting clear here, Please help me

Hi @khungersumit!
As for the “ready to ship” is only for the app, it is not available on the Public API.
That field is used as an indicator to tell the customer if the order is ready to ship based on:

  • If the order has locks (for example when someone is picking it with the mobile app, it gets locked)
  • If the order has holds
  • If the order is allocated fully (or partially + allow partial)
  • If the order is not inside a tote already

Let me know if this doesn’t help clarify