"required_ship_date" In order


I created order with all order status and all line items status as fulfillment_status: “pending”.

BUT I didn’t supply required_ship_date in my request and I noticed the order status and all supplied line item status showing “fulfilled

1). Is this because I didn’t supply “required_ship_date”?
2). What if we don’t have “required_ship_date” available?

Please clear above concerns
Thanks in advance!

Hi @khungersumit!
Do you happen to have the request_id used when creating the order?
Thanks in advance!

Hi @tomasw

here is another example.
As you can see here I created another order with “pending” status but my order is showing “fulfilled”
here is RequestId : 5f5783f38e46431fa198cd93

Can you please check the cause

Hi @khungersumit!
There is a setting at a product level that is called Auto Fulfill
This must be set to No so it doesn’t go to Fulfilled automatically.

Let me know if that still doesn’t solve it.
Thanks again!