Generate webhook response multiple packages .png

When the webhook response replies with a single label URL pointing to a .png file, it works normally. When the webhook response replies with multiple label URL pointing to .png files, ShipHero replies with printing error.

Does the multiple package webhook response only accept .pdf label url?

Api response error from { "code": "200", "packages":[{ "name": "Package 1", "shipping_method": "FEDEX_GROUND", "tracking_number": "794699818524", "cost": "0.00000", "label": "", "customs_info": "", "shipping_carrier": "FedEx", "tracking_url": "" }   ,{ "name": "Package 2", "shipping_method": "FEDEX_GROUND", "tracking_number": "794699818546", "cost": "0.00000", "label": "", "customs_info": "", "shipping_carrier": "FedEx", "tracking_url": "" }   ] }

Edit: it appears that .pdf files in 8.5"x11" also fail to print. Does ShipHero only accept 4"x6" labels?

Hi @sdwelrn!

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

I will run some similar tests in my sandbox account using my test GLW endpoints.

Will it be a problem if I use your Label URLs? My test will be making calls to the bucket to pull the files.

Kind regards,


Do you have an update? This issue still hasn’t been resolved. I’ve tried all of the following and I still get the same error.

  • used .png label in 4x6
  • used .pdf labels in 4x6 and 8.5x11
  • removed all non-mandatory fields

I have no idea what’s wrong.

Hello @sdwelrn

ShipHero accepts PDF and PNG files. We don’t check the page size size.

Is the order you are trying to ship split into the same number of packages you are returning in your response?


Solved: problem was caused by unicode U+00a0 space in the webhook response. If you use integration, be very careful about how you structure your response in the editor.

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