Get account details by account_id

I have account_id for user from order details query. I am trying to find the account details like username,email etc but cant find a way. trying to filter the query using account query but its not working. I have the token of different user.
I tried following query but its showing error.

query {
    account (id:"account_id"){
        data {

Hello @saif_storage!

Please refer to our documentation for available queries/mutations with their fields and arguments: Schema – Developer Resources | ShipHero.

In the case of account, you can see that account_id is not an available filter. This is because the account query returns information for the current ShipHero account, not the end-user account. You can use the me query to check the current user, the one the token belongs to, but we don’t yet have a way of consulting account users.


Hello @tomasfd
Let me explain my use case, I have order ID from that i need the details of the 3PL user account like the name, email etc.
Is there a way to achieve this?

Hello, @saif_storage. At the moment, we do not have an API call that allows to retrieve data from specific user accounts. Have a nice day!