Get shipping box information for custom boxes with the Generate Label Webhook

We are using the Generate Label Webhook to generate labels.
The payload sent contains some information about the packages (width, length…) but no data useful to idenfity the shipping box itself. A box_code field is present but it only give “custom”, we can’t do anything with that.

"packages": [
            "weight_in_oz": 3.58,
            "width": 5.91,
            "length": 5.91,
            "height": 3.94,
            "line_items": [
                    "sku": "SKU-PRODUCT",
                    "tariff_code": "",
                    "price": 100,
                    "customs_description": "CUSTOMS_DESC",
                    "customs_value": "100.00",
                    "line_item_id": 1238903,
                    "quantity": 1,
                    "weight": 0.05,
                    "partner_line_item_id": "608024756f9b1c0009f89f81",
                    "id": "608024756f7b1c0009f89f81",
                    "country_of_manufacture": "",
                    "product_name": "product",
                    "name": "A name",
                    "ignore_on_customs": false
            "box_code": "custom"

A box_id field or barcode would be sufficient.
Is there something that Shiphero can do for us regarding this ?
Thanks in advance

Hi @PierreM

Thanks for reaching out! And we apologize for the delayed response about this
Let me see if we could post a Feature Request to include more details regarding the Box information.
For your case, do you happen to have a Request ID for a Query in which you are expecting to see Box Name and seeing this Custom instead?
Thanks in advance!

Hi @tomasw ,

Thank you for your anwser.
Here is a request id where the request returns box_code=“custom” instead of the box name : ca1d0c0d-58fa-4bc8-92a2-53093db520be
A box_id would be sufficient.

Hi @tomasw, any update on this one?

Hi @paul-wing & @PierreM
My apologies for the delayed response about this.
We currently have an engineer adding those fields to the Generate Label Webhook (not a clear ETA yet, but being worked on)
Thanks again for the patience! And I will keep you updated of when this goes out

Hi @tomasw - this is something we need too, is there any update on this yet (it doesn’t reflect in the examples in the docs if so)?

Hi @steveday,
This has been developed and you should be seeing box and box id in the webhook.