Getting available data for multiple SKU's for large inventory

Hello everyone, new to the community.

So we have multiple shops running on SH with over 7,000+ SKU’s. I need to pull between 2 to 20 SKU’s at once and just check their available stock.

This is easily done for a single SKU. I am not looking for a snapshot of the entire inventory because i’ll be flooded with over 7,000+ SKU’s.

I was able to pull for a single SKU using the following -however, how would I pass down multiple SKU’s? Failed various ways I tried by adding another array item with SKU which gives 0 available.

Kindly anyone can point me to the right direction would appreciate it. I have already checked all the documentation and did not find anything for this.

query {
product(sku:"$sku_num") {
data {
warehouse_products {