Getting EMAIL NULL responds


Why are we getting a respond for email with “email”:null, but all other data are good.
We sure we pass the data correctly since it is working with other fields.
this is for test only.

we use php curl method

Thanks for the heads up!, Do you happen to have the request_id for that query?
So then I could investigate a bit more and escalate if needed.
Thanks in advance!


this was a test

Try by sending the email on the order section, this is:

data: {
      order_number: "TESTOrder123"
      shop_name: "shop Example"
      fulfillment_status: "pending"
      order_date: "2020-11-17 04:50:39"
      total_tax: "0.00"
      subtotal: "70.00"
      total_discounts: "0.30"
      total_price: "69.70"
      email: "" 

Let me know if that doesn’t work.
Thanks again!

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That worked!

Thank you

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