Return Type in API is not exposing data seen in

There are several elements I see on the Returns screen in the Shiphero app that are not available in the API. Are there any plans to update the Returns service to return more data? Like attachments, completed_at, note. There are others but being able to get the mentioned data would be very helpful. In my case we are writing an EDI integration where I need to get this data related to a return so it can be sent back to trading partner. I should also mention that the “name” under the return.address always returns null in my testing. Is this a bug?

Hey @bbarrett,

Thanks for reaching out!

I’ll go ahead and pass on your feedback regarding the attachments and completed_at.
Would you mind providing an example where your name field is being returned as null?

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


Here is an example:

{return(id:“UmV0dXJuOjQ0MjgwNzY=”) {request_id data{id partner_id account_id legacy_id label_cost total_items_received total_items_restocked address{name address1 address2 city state country zip phone} order{billing_address{first_name last_name email } order_number rma_labels{id cost tracking_number legacy_id updated_at}} reason status reason created_at exchanges{exchange_items{id sku quantity}} line_items{updated_at id return_id type reason quantity quantity_received line_item{sku product_name barcode} condition}}}}

“data”: {
“return”: {
“request_id”: “63f669219eeb134b0bd5443c”,
“data”: {
“id”: “UmV0dXJuOjQ0MjgwNzY=”,
“partner_id”: “RMA102417”,
“account_id”: “QWNjb3VudDo3MDU4Nw==”,
“legacy_id”: 4428076,
“label_cost”: “0.00”,
“total_items_received”: 1,
“total_items_restocked”: 1,
“address”: {
“name”: null,
“address1”: “0 No Street”,
“address2”: “”,
“city”: “Ithaca”,
“state”: “NY”,
“country”: “US”,
“zip”: “14850”,
“phone”: null
“order”: {
“billing_address”: {
“first_name”: “Ithaca Sports”,
“last_name”: “”,
“email”: null
“order_number”: “O_RMA102417”,
“reason”: “”,
“status”: “complete”,
“created_at”: “2023-02-21T13:40:23”,
“exchanges”: ,
“line_items”: [
“updated_at”: “2023-02-21T14:20:18”,
“id”: “UmV0dXJuSXRlbTo3MDg1MDQz”,
“return_id”: “UmV0dXJuOjQ0MjgwNzY=”,
“type”: “refund”,
“reason”: “Return from Battle Customer”,
“quantity”: 1,
“quantity_received”: 1,
“line_item”: {
“sku”: “8802”,
“product_name”: “1-White Battle Oxygen MG-Thick Strap”,
“barcode”: “811243020713”
“condition”: “unknown”

In the shiphero App:

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