GraphQl api call is showing error even we have full access

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When we apply the graphQl call it is showing us this error even though we have full access.
“message”: “Cannot access the requested order. Permission denied”,
“operation”: “order_update”,
“field”: “order_update”,
“request_id”: “61b71e3d724eb82193413689”,
“code”: 9

I have read an article regarding the error code in shiphero API and found that it is Failed Precondition. I am not sure but we are applying a call using postman exactly the same as guided in API but still facing this issue.

For reference here are a few screenshots of the call which we are applying. Also, Please let us know if you required any other details from us.

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Hello @development3!
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I see what is going on there. The value you are using for order ID doesn’t seem to be a valid ShipHero order ID. Where are you getting that number from?

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Hello @tomasfd ,

We got the order id from here.

Hello @development3!
Thanks for sharing.

That would be the order number, the value you get from the store it’s coming from.

To access the order using the API, you need to use the order ID, which would be the number you see at the end of the URL when you are inside an order in the UI.

Please let me know if that wasn’t clear.
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