Help with order update fulfillment status

Hi there. I am setting up a manual fulfillment from our store via API. I am using the order_update_fulfillment_status mutation.

The order status is being updated to fulfilled perfectly. However, the line item is not marked as shipped, and the inventory is not removed even though I have set “remove_inventory” as true.

Any ideas as to what I am doing incorrectly? Thank you!

Hi @Csraspini!

To be able to use the Public API to mimic shipping an order, there isn’t just one mutation to do all of this, instead, you will have to use three mutations:

  1. Shipment Create mutation
  2. Inventory Remove mutation
  3. Order Update Fulfillment Status mutation

We have an example and brief explanation at in case it helps.

Please let me know if I could explain better or there is anything else I could help with.
Thanks in advance!

Ah, ok… got it!

Just one question… is it necessary to use the “shipment create”?
We generally ship everything directly through ShipHero.
The only cases where we would want to mark an order as “fulfilled” and remove inventory are those times when an order is hand-delivered…so no shipment is actually made, it is simply manually fulfilled.
In those cases, is it sufficient to follow a workflow such as the following?

  1. Inventory Remove mutation
  2. Order Update Fulfillment Status mutation

Thank you in advance for your assistance.


Also, what is the correct syntax to use for removing inventory for more than one sku?

Hi @Csraspini!

The only downside of that is that you won’t be able to assign a Label to the order and if it is connected to a store it will not push fulfillment to the store (Store like Shopify for example)

As for this, you will need to make one request per SKU, we don’t support bulk removal at this point, unfortunately.

If its a really large order you could use the inventory sync feature:
Which is similar to Inventory Upload on the app: and requires a CSV file

Let me know if I could explain better.
Thanks again!

thank you for your reply! I will test :slight_smile:

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