Inventory Not Updating Automatically


I just want to confirm whether it is possible that when I pack the items the inventory is automatically updated or when I set the fulfillment_status as fulfilled via the api? I am trying to replicate this on dashboard but for some reasons I see that even when I set fulfillment status as ‘fulfilled’ through dashboard or api both, I still have everything in my inventory. Kindly help

Hi @mumerhasan!
If you are fulfilling orders “outside” ShipHero, using the Public API you will need to make three mutations for this:

  1. Shipment Create mutation
  2. Inventory Remove mutation
  3. Order Update Fulfillment Status mutation

There is an explanation that might be useful here:

But please let me know if that doesn’t help,

It makes no sense that the carrier will update inventory. What has carrier to do with inventory? Is this not possible that when the order is packed…when the label is printed, the inventory is automatically updated?

Hi @mumerhasan!
I apologize if I got this wrong. The ways you have of fulfilling an order are the following:

  1. Shipping it on ShipHero, using the app: This way you can either use a Generic Label, a regular Carrier (like UPS, FedEx…), or even a Custom Carrier (with Generate Label Webhook)
    This way it will create a label and update inventory automatically.

  2. Fulfill the order on a store (like Shopify for example), and check the setting for that store that says “If an order gets fulfilled on Shopify, remove stock…”.
    If that setting is checked it will remove the inventory when the fulfillment gets made.

  3. Using the Public API to change the status of the order. This means that you will be doing the packing and printing of the label outside of ShipHero, which means that you will need to make those 3 mutations mentioned above, to simulate all the processes that ShipHero app does on the backend when shipping.

Let me know if that still doesn’t help.
Thanks again!

OK, but we ARE printing Generic Label using shiphero (desktop app) all from the app. So we are not doing packing outside shiphero

In that case, if you are using the app you should be seeing inventory getting decremented.
Could you share an order number or ID I could use to check that?
Thanks again!

I am trying to use the remove option #2. I have the setting “if an order gets fulfilled on shopify remove stock” selected but inventory sold on POS and fulfilled in shopify is not being removed from the warehouse associated with that location (or any location as far as I can tell).
The order /items are fulfilled without “shipping” any inventory and the product inventory log has no record associated with the POS orders.

Hello @evaEastFork!

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Could you please reach out to our support team? You can access the support portal by clicking on the help button, in the horizontal menu of the UI. They will be able to provide better help with this type of concern.

Have a nice day!

I was just waiting on them to reply and hoped maybe someone else had dealt with the same issue.
I couldn’t find any relevant information elsewhere.
I’ll keep trying with the help team.