Hour and Query Rate Limits

Hi @tomasw!

Good evening. So, I’ve managed to create a pretty optimized query… but the hourly rate limit is killing our ELT process… Would you amazing devs consider raising the hourly rate limit? The rate limits are very restrictive… to the point where our clients are considering moving off Shiphero.

Currently, I have a script pulling 10 credits approximately every second, so we’re well within our per query usage and never go below 980 being available. But the hourly limit is really a bummer.



Hi @Analytiks!
I apologize for my delayed response to this.
As I mentioned over email we don’t increase limits, but we can work with you on trying to optimize the flows or queries you are using first.
I responded over email so we can discuss further steps for this.
Let me know if you did not receive the email.
Thanks in advance!

Hi @tomasw!

Thank you for such a quick response.

Our query is pretty optimized…as it only uses 10 credits per second (and we’re refreshed with 15 credits every second, so we’re within the allotted usage). We use a queueing service (AWS SQS) with our serverless ELT process to queue up larger credit consuming queries as to self throttle these requests to staying within the allotted credits.

The issue we are running into is the credit limit per hour… which, as I understand, is set at 5,000. This is waaaaaayyyyyy too low… When backfilling tables… it takes days to do so.

The logic for setting the hour credit limit doesn’t make sense. Let’s follow the logic…

If we get 15 credits per second… and only allowed 5,000 credits is an hour… that means we can only run a process for roughly 5.5 mins… right? Since we are tightly restricted with on-demand credits, why impose an hourly credit limit? Sounds to me this API is built on minimal hardware to support the requests.

Thoughts on removing the hourly credit limit?



Hi @Analytiks
Thanks for those details!
You shouldn’t be seeing an hourly restrictions for this, we had that restriction when we first implemented the Public API, but now it is not being used.
Are you seeing an error after those 5000 credits? or maybe an obsolete piece of documentation?
Thanks again!

Hi @tomasw,

I sent you a couple of emails regarding the rate limit.

Thanks! :slight_smile: