Sandbox/Test Environment with data present

I am working with a developer who has time to refine queries if we have a load of data to work against. This developer doesn’t have time to fabricate data as they aren’t yet familiar with the daily UI-based work. Also, testing against the client account isn’t an option in this scenario, even for basic read-only routines.

Can the ShipHero devs clone some data (even obfuscated or fabricated from their existing clients) into a sandbox account? Ideally, each and every object would be cloned so that we can really optimize our API designs and stress-test the current design we have from the empty sandbox. Thanks in advance!

Have read posts like this one - Hour and Query Rate Limits - #3 by Analytiks
Am talking about data volumes like this one - Getting big datasets from ShipHero?

Hi @Clearinity_Conrad!

I don’t believe shiphero has a sandbox account where developers can test queries and such. However, we have developed highly optimized queries that have moved over extensive data sets (we’re in the midst of extracting data from two clients’ shiphero accounts who have over 10 million orders each). Drop me a line at, and let’s chat.



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