How to bulk update Dangerous Goods Code?

Hi. I need to bulk update product info with the correct Dangerous Goods Code. Only problem is that its not on the bulk update template. And there is no documentation around this that I can fine. How do I bulk update these products to Dangerous Goods Code = “Dangerous Goods”

Hi @TheMarket!
Are you looking to update them using the app or the Public API?
Thanks in advance!

Hi Tom. Either or. Currently its not an option for either (that I can tell)

I was going to bulk update the current products using the app, and then add the DG flag when creating a product / or adding stock - which ever works for you guys.

Hi @TheMarket
Thanks for clarifying that!
I will make a request for both then, to be able to edit it using the Bulk Edit feature at which is also not available and to be able to edit those using the product update Mutation as well.
Thanks again and I will provide an update as soon as this gets reviewed

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