How to create/update a gift note

Can someone give me a simple example of how to create or update an order gift note please?

What are the valid values for note_attributes name field?

Hi @albrana
The ability to add/modify an order’s gift note is not available currently on the API.
I already made the request for our team to add it to the order and order_update mutation. I will let you know as soon as it’s approved or there’s any update about it.

Thanks Tomas. I appreciate the update.

Hi @albrana!
This should be available now when creating/updating an order.
Thanks for the patience on this!

Thanks Tomas, but can you give me a simple example for creating/updating a gift note please?

This is not working: note_attributes: [{ name: “gift_note”, value: “test gift note” }]

@albrana you should use the gift_note field in the create/update order mutation

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Thanks @seba, this is working for me now.

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