How to fetch Drop shipment?

Hello, I don’t see info about Drop shipment with vendor_id in GraphQL API. How can I fetch this info?
Can you help me?

Hi @przemyslaw.pajak
Are you trying to see if a line item from an order has been dropshiped?
Or do you need information about a specific drop shipment?
We might not have that at the moment but if I could get more details about this I could make a Feature Request for this to be added
Thanks in advance!


yes we are looking to have order ID, product SKU, qty and vendor details for all order with dropship action. We want to send orders to various suppliers for ex.
Order 1:
Line 1 - Vendor 1
Line 2- Vendor 1
Line 3 - Vendor 2

We want to send :
Line 1, Line 2 to Supplier 1
Line 3 to Supplier 2
based on Vendor ID from dropship

Hi @przemyslaw.pajak
Thank you for the info.
I already made a Feature Request for this to be added to our API.
I will let you know as soon as I get a resolution about this request.
Thanks again!

Hello Tom, Is the feature available?

Hi @przemyslaw.pajak!
I apologize for the delayed response! Somehow the ticket was not displaying on our board and was never evaluated by our engineering team, I just changed that and expedited it to get a resolution asap.
Again I’m sorry for the waiting and I will let you know as soon as I get a resolution.

Hi @przemyslaw.pajak!
I apologize once again for the delayed response to this.
Unfortunately, we won’t be able to build this right now because of the resources we have to work on new features for the Public API.
I did log this request and keep it in our list of Rejected features, so if things get slower we could re-open it and build it.
Thanks again for the patience and I apologize for any inconvenience