API Order Query returns incorrect SKU information

I am utilizing the ShipHero GraphQL API, and the order query I am doing is retrieving incorrect information.

The request_id is “5df049a94bf8ea83e5b4e4fb”.

The SKU I am expecting is “sku”: “001-101-001-FGN-M-S”
The SKU I am getting in the response is “sku”: “001-101-001-FGN-M-L”
This is under “shipment_line_items” specifically.

Please let me know what I can do about this, or whether I’ll have to wait for a fix.

Hi @nturk!
I apologize for the delay on our response (I’ve noticed you already engaged support and send us a mail to developers).
It doesn’t seem to be an error on the Query, as a Shipment was created for that line_item_id

The shipment I’m referring to has been send via the Public API on 12/6/2019, 10:06:05 PM (request_id:“5deafafdd53452ad6ef2a156”) and it had the following field:

line_item_id: “TGluZUl0ZW06MzE5NzE3NDIx”
and it should have been:
line_item_id: “TGluZUl0ZW06MzI0OTcwNzkx”

So that is the reason a Shipment was created with the wrong line_item_id
Please let me know if this helps answer the issue or if you need any other info about it.
Thanks for the patience on this!

Hey @tomasw

Thanks for the update, this definitely helps!


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