How to get products of a 3PL Customer

I am using products query to get all the products and using first filter. We are not able to fetch all the products associated with the customer. If we use account_id filter its not returning all the products and if we don’t apply “first” filter and use cursor way to get the products its returning alot of products which are not even visible in the products grid for 3PL Customer.
Highly appreciate the help.
Thanks you

Hi @saif_storage ,
I will be happy to help with suggestions to get your query returning the products that you need. Please send a request id with a little background on each that has what you are seeing and what the ideal results would be. Thanks in advance!

Hello @theresa
thanks for your reply.
This is the request id 6176884a2ccdd1ffc01333cd
What we are expecting is to get the products like this - Nimbus Capture (146 products) but in the API response we are getting more than 146 products. We need the products which are visible to the current 3PL customer in the shiphero panel.

Hi @saif_storage ,
If you run this with a specific customer account id, it will return all the information specifically related to that customer.

query {
  products(customer_account_id: "<customer account id here>") {
    data(first: 150) {
      pageInfo {
      edges {
        node {

Yes, i tried this query with customer_account_id filter and its returning me only 2 products.
I used account query to get the account details and found customer_account_id in there but sending request is returning only 2 products. This is request ID 6178f485a6ea67a607ac1def

Hi @Theresa looking forward to your response.

Hi @saif_storage

Thanks for replying!
Quick Question: Do you have the customer ID with you that only shows 2 products?

The reason I ask is that those Request_IDs seem to be without that filter, and the account seems to have 676 customer accounts :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Thanks in advance!!


Hi @tomasw
Thanks alot for looking into this. I believe this was the reason that i was getting all the products associated and when applying the filter it was returning only 2 products which were created via API using the same account id. It seems to be sorted out when using another account. I will post an update if i face this issue.
Thank you once again for looking into it.

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