How to get Ship Date for "PurchaseOrder"

I see there is a “Ship Date” that can be entered for a PurchaseOrder in the UI. However, I do not see a ship date property in the PurchaseOrderQueryResult.

How do I get the “ship date” on a PurchaseOrder using the API?

Hi @bbarrett
That field is not currently being exposed through the Public API, but I just made a request for it to be added and will let you know as soon as I get a response about it.
Thanks in advance!

Hi @bbarrett
I apologize for the delayed response to this!
Unfortunately, I have been told that we won’t be able to add this field to the query.
I will keep their thread open in case we do get more requests for this
I apologize for the inconvenience

Thanks for following up. Just some feedback for your decision makers… Ship date is something that we are required to pass to our partners in reports. We have no choice in this matter. We will need to report this property regardless of whether it can be extracted programmatically.

Plain and simple, your API should expose ever piece of data related to a PO or you should at least have a plan to do so. Big thumbs down to this decision

Thanks for the feedback, that is always welcome @bbarrett I will pass it to our team.

Would the "packing_note" work as a workaround for this?
That way you can send it with something like

packing_note: “2020-10-12”

And you could pull it with the Query

Thanks again!

Possibly. Just wanted to make sure I understand… The “packing_note” will return the same date as the “ship_date” by default? Or, we would need to repurpose the “packing_note” to store the “ship_date” instead?

I won’t return the ship_date by default, you will need to set it yourself either when creating the PO or updating an existing PO, so not sure if this might be a suitable workaround for your workflow, let me know