Incorrect warehouse returned. High priority

I tried to get all orders with Dropship warehouse but returned warehouse is incorrect (see screenshot)

Response from Rest API for this item
“line_items”: [
“updated_at”: “2019-11-10 17:55:34”,
“option_title”: null,
“customs_value”: “0.00”,
“backorder_quantity”: 0,
“id”: 317661830,
“sku”: “32400046760520162105”,
“locked_to_warehouse_id”: null,
“warehouse”: “Primary”,
“thumbnail”: “”,
“price”: “129.95”,
“barcode”: “00720026510573”,
“warehouse_id”: 9455,
“eligible_for_return”: 1,
“custom_options”: “[{“name”: “Fulfilled By Our Partner”, “value”: “\✓”}]”,
“subtotal”: “129.95”,
“name”: "Moab 2 Mid Wp - 10.5 / W Fulfilled By Our Partner ",
“large_thumbnail”: “”,
“partner_line_item_id”: “4113910923313”,
“created_at”: “2019-11-10 17:55:30”,
“quantity_allocated”: 1,
“quantity_pending_fulfillment”: 1,
“fulfillment_status”: “pending”,
“product_id”: “4337992794161”,
“quantity”: 1,
“custom_barcode”: null,
“quantity_shipped”: 0
(warehouse id and warehouse fields are incorrect)
Please fix it. It`s HIGHEST PRIORITY for us

Hi @kotofanik!
I’ve already sent this to the Engineering team to take a look at it.
I will update as soon as I get a response back from them.

Hey @tomasw,

Great that you guys working on this one as this is a blocker on our Production and we can’t fulfill drop-ship orders. Looking forward to hear from you!

Hi @kotofanik,
Today I got an update on this:

Current info on warehouse and warehouse_id, shows the initial values on order creation, but it does not reflect where the items are going to be shipped from, but we’ll work on adding that feature.

I do not have an exact ETA, but the engineering team is already working on this, so my guess is a few days from now.
I will get back to you as soon as I have an update.
Thanks again for your patience on this!