Inventory sync Mutation related doubts

Hi @Tomasw I have few questions regarding Inventory sync Mutation
1.max number of the row we can upload via 1 CSV file. much time it will take if 100,1000 or 10000 data uploaded at a time frequently we can hit this API with a large amount of data(approx 1000 to 10000).

Hi @madhupatel
We don’t have recommended stats about this right now, but I can tell you how is working for customers that are currently using it

  1. We don’t have a max, but I wouldn’t recommend to upload Big files (more than 20000 rows). Also it is easier to navigate through the errors, such as non-existing SKU, etc.
  2. You can do it once a day and it should not take more than an hour (20000 rows)
  3. You can do one Sync at a time so as soon as one finishes you can upload the next one. Right now, accounts are using this once a day and it works fine.

In certain way it works the same as Inventory Upload feature on the APP. I would suggest not using this to constantly manage inventory but as a tool to Bulk update inventory without having to make one mutation at a time

Let me know if that doesn’t help