How much time will take to update inventories using csv file for bulk update?

I tried with the CSV bulk update with single row record. but its been 2 days still the data is not updated to ShipHero.
How much time take to sync CSV bulk inventories update?
How much rows should I used in CSV file so, I can not faced the cost issue?
Thank you

Hey @pramod !,

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This community platform mainly deals in issues related to our Public API. I’d recommend making a support ticket, as support has the resources better suited to handle this type of issue.

You can create a ticket by going here and clicking submit a ticket or by clicking on the “Help” tab on


Hello Rayanp,
I tried CSV bulk update using api only. thats why asking here.

Hey @pramod,

Apologies! I didn’t realize you meant the inventory sync mutation.
Could you provide me with the inventory sync id so I could take a look at what’s going on?

Please let me know if you have any questions on concerns.


please check this:-
request_id: 645095d8a7d967a1d005a90e

Hello @pramod

Inventory Sync shouldn’t take this long, they should take minutes.

It will also depend on how many lines you are sending, we recommend around 2000 lines per file. It is what most find to be the sweet spot between speed and quantity. However you can try 4000, I wouldn’t recommend more than that, that’s when they get stuck.

Can’t say for sure the exact time but I assume the longest might be about 15 minutes, considering the number of lines in the CSV is within the workable threshold.

At this stage, you should abort the sync using inventory_sync_abort.


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