Inventory Webhook

If we have multiple warehouses under our account, does the “Inventory Update” webhook report “on_hand” as the total on_hand quantity at 1 location, or is it the sum over all locations? As far as I can see in the example below (from the webhook docs), there is no field that corresponds to a specific warehouse.

    "account_id": 6334,
    "inventory": [
            "webhook_type": "INVENTORY_UPDATE",
            "sku": "1122334856",
            "inventory": "1588",
            "backorder_quantity": "0",
            "on_hand": "1609",
            "virtual": false,
            "retry": null,
            "timestamp": 1619196552.5594575

Hi @achempak ,
It will send the inventory of that sku across all warehouses.