Inventory Update Webook Explained


I’m trying to notify our 3PL clients when they have products becoming back-ordered. Basically, we are trying to notify our 3PL customers when there’s an inventory error and a product is missing, the Location falls into the hospital, the Order is half-picked and the now missing product becomes Backordered.

I’m thinking of using the “Inventory Update Webook” for this:

   inventory: [ [-]
     { [-]
       backorder_quantity: 3
       inventory: 355
       on_hand: 358
       sku: XXX
       updated_warehouse: { [-]
         backorder_quantity: 3
         identifier: Primary
         inventory: 355
         on_hand: 358
         warehouse_id: 72272
         warehouse_uuid: V2FyZWhvdXNlOjcyMjcy
       virtual: false

Could someone explain what the Inventory Update Webhook events are?

  1. What’s the updated_warehouse blob?
  2. When is the event fired? When does the on_hand change? At pick time? At inventory change?
  3. What does the event represent? Is it a current state snapshot? i.e. At this time, the quantity is 355 for SKU XXX?

Thank you,

Hey @hansdaigle,

Thanks for reaching out!

I’m more than happy to answer your questions:

  • The updated_warehouse returned in the webhook body will always be the warehouse and its related fields that the movement occurred in.

  • The inventory Update Webhook is fired anytime the on-hand quantity of a product changes.

  • Yes, anytime the webhook is fired, it will send the current values for the webhook body fields to your endpoint.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.


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