Offering intergration help between your system and Shiphero

Time is about to run out - Legacy API Deprecation.

We can help you out - Having 4 developers ready and willing to work.
10+ Custom intergrations for shiphero under our belt and a few interesting tools in our toolbox.

3 reasons to DM me for intergration -

  1. Experience with integrations include ecom and ERP systems
  2. We have hands on experience from running systems ourself
  3. We deliver and we deliver on time (Ooohhh yeah - And we have a great sense of humor)

Hi Tribird,

I am interested in learning more about your offering. Please email me at

Hi TriBird,

Would like to discuss your integration services with our ShipHero install. Please email me at

Thank you - Prem

Hello TriBird,

Would like to discuss a custom integration with you, please email me at: “jbuaron” with an address ending in “”.

Thank you!

TriBird, I could really use your help as we are setting up a 3PL that uses Shiphero. Could you email me at We’re ready to move fast with someone!

I tried to consume graphQL like the example provided in the [documentation] using java script but i got cros origin error

Hi, warehouse providers and merchants. We’re SequelCommerce and we provide integrations between 3PLs and WMS like Shiphero. We can also build custom integrations to systems like Netsuite, other eCommerce channels and more. Our focus is automating backend, boring processes that many 3PLs have to waste time on.

We have a team of 5 software engineers and solution architects focused solely on the field of fulfillment logistics. I’m sure we can build custom solutions at a better price and speed than any other firm due to our experience and existing technology assets. Reach out to me for a chat anytime. I’m one of the solutions architects:

Happy Shipping!


Can you reach out to me at I am interested in getting an API integration written between our software and ShipHero.