Salesforce Integration Ideas

Hey All!

This is just a general thread for ideas/experiences/pitfalls that anyone in the community has had with integrating ShipHero data into Salesforce.

It’s something that’s on the horizon for us, so I’m interested to hear any input and advice.

The main thing we’d like to accomplish is better visibility on existing orders without our customer service team needing to check several places.

Additionally we’d like our customer service team to be able to make changes to an order in Salesforce, and have those changes sync to both ShipHero and our ecommerce platform.

If we take it to the next level, we’d want to proactively detect order differences between our ecommerce platform and ShipHero (e.g. maybe a product was changed in the ecommerce platform but that change did not sync into ShipHero, or maybe a product was added to an order in ShipHero without being added in the ecommerce platform).

If you can relate to these needs, have any thoughts, advice, warnings, etc, we’ll really appreciate it if you can take a moment to post a quick reply.

Thank you!

-Sid from Origin