Order create mutation

Hi, I’m getting “Unexpected Error” when trying to create an order through graphql API.
“message”: “Unexpected Error”,
“operation”: “order_create”,
“field”: “order_create”,
“request_id”: “60b64bd85b6618ab7e28cc70”,
“code”: 22

If I try to it fails saying that order with same order number already exist. I’m using a sandbox account for testing, and it worked before, any ideas whats going on? thanks

I can see they are being created through API, but they don’t show up on dashboard and also it throws mentioned error

Hi @apopelka
The reason it is not showing is that the order is empty. It does exist tho, and will not let you create another order with the same number. Can you try it again with a different number. You can see what I mean this is a link to the order that is already created with that number:

Hi @Theresa , yes it looks like they are being created, but without line items, even though I’m sending that info. I can see them when querying… some context: this is a sandbox account we are using to develop a new backend.
Maybe the test products that I created have anything to do? thanks for your answer