Create order mutation error

We are using the API to create orders. Most of the time when we receive an error we get error information along with it and we can fix it. With a few create order mutations we do not receive an error message that help us figure out where the problem is. Would you let us know why this request is not going through your system so we can correct it?

I’ve censored PII below with ****


Mutation: mutation($order: CreateOrderInput!) {\norder_create(data: $order) {\nrequest_id\norder {\nid\norder_number\n}\n}\n}

Variables: {“order”:{“order_number”:“4201035742”,“shop_name”:“DataAutomationIntegration”,“fulfillment_status”:“Pending”,“order_date”:“2023-02-09T00:18:02Z”,“total_tax”:0,“subtotal”:59.95,“total_discounts”:0,“total_price”:66.9,“email”:“***”,“shipping_lines”:{“title”:“Standard Shipping (3-4 Business Days)”,“price”:6.95,“carrier”:“USPS”,“method”:“First”},“shipping_address”:{“first_name”:““,“last_name”:”*****“,“company”:”“,“address1”:””,“address2”:“**“,“city”:””,“state”:“PR”,“zip”:“00674”,“country”:“US”,“phone”:““},“billing_address”:{“first_name”:”“,“last_name”:”“,“company”:”",“address1”:"Urb. “,“address2”:“7",“city”:"”,“state”:“PR”,“zip”:”“,“country”:“US”,“phone”:”**”},“line_items”:[{“sku”:“856500018768”,“partner_line_item_id”:317127414,“quantity”:1,“price”:59.95,“product_name”:“Rugged Band - 41mm | Silver Hardware”}]}}

Error: EXCEPTION [Exception] GraphQL\Exception\QueryError

Hey Team!

Thanks for reaching out!

We’ll take a closer look here, but I just wanted to double check and ask, does this return a request id?
Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!


Hello sorry for the late reply here it is: 6466baaaeda4a0532827d607

It was executed today just a few minutes ago with the same request information as the previous message.

@Rayanp just checking back in here

Hey @DA_dev,

I apologize for the delay here and thank you for your patience!

For the request mentioned above the error we’re seeing our logs is:

A order for the shop 'DataAutomationIntegration' with order number '4201035742' already exists

If you believe that there was no Order with that number already present in ShipHero. Could you shareo some more recent examples of this happening?

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.