Please provide description of fields

A short, one-sentence description of fields would be incredibly helpful.

For example, the CreatePurchaseOrderLineItemInput has a required field expected_weight_in_lbs. Is this the per-unit expected weight or the total (quantity * per unit weight)?

Similarly, the same input has vendor_id and vendor_sku. Presumably the vendor_id field is the ShipHero ID assigned to the vendor, but this isn’t immediately clear.

Many of these questions can be figured out by trial and errors, but since there’s no automatic provisioning of a sandbox, we’re always a little leery of just sending data to production.


Hi @david
You are right about this, we might think it’s obvious because we use them every day, but it might not be that obvious sometimes.
I will work on these descriptions and push for the engineering team to add them to the schema/docs.
Thanks for contributing again and I will let you know as soon as I have an update on this.