Printing non-Generic Label issue

Recently we created an integration to create orders and shipments via GraphQL API, where we
supply label info such as an address, carrier, shipping name, and shipping method.
However, 3PL collegues receive order with Generic Label. Is there are any possibility so that they print label with the correct supplied Label data from the received order?

Thank you in advance

Hi Sultan,
Welcome to Community! I will be happy to look into this, can you post a request id so we can get all the background? Thank you!

Hi, thanks. There is “request_id”: 6082633771718950f60f6109 for order create mutation and “request_id”: 608263c9d01e0092e1dbf300 for create shipment mutation

Hi Sultan,

In the mutation for the shipment, the carrier was specified as Genericlabel.

carrier: "GENERICLABEL", shipping_name: "GENERIC TEST", shipping_method: "GENERIC TEST",

The carrier can be set to whatever the carrier is for the shipment in the mutation.

Thank you. I’ve also considered creating a webhook for custom label generation as it was advised as proper solution

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