Private API Key

Is there any way to continuously maintain an API Key to access GraphQL? I am currently using a public API Key to access data via GraphQL, but the public API Key expires in 28 days. In that case, I need to use a refresh token and manually update the API Key every 28 days, right?
However, since the API Key is used on the server-side, I don’t usually need to change it for security reasons, so I want to keep it permanently.
If there is a way to avoid having to change the API Key every 28 days, I would like to know about it.

Hello @Shoki!
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Unfortunately, there is no way to make the API key permanent on our end.

Many of our customers build an automation on their backend using the refresh token that every 28 days refreshes the API key and pastes the new one on the headers. Your best option would be to build something similar.

Have a nice day!