Product_create API resolver is creating a kit component that we did not request

When we make a request to the product_create mutation with the following attributes:

{:name=>“Travel Berkey (1.5 gal) Water Purification System - [Berkey-Travel]”, :sku=>“F-TRV-0014”, :customer_account_id=>“QWNjb3VudDo2ODA1MA==”, :warehouse_products=>[{:warehouse_id=>84771, :on_hand=>0, :inventory_bin=>“A1”, :reserve_inventory=>0, :replenishment_level=>1, :reorder_level=>1, :reorder_amount=>20, :custom=>false}]}

We get the following response. Please note the kit_component returned in the response. We did not specify that this product should be part of a kit:

{“data”=>{“product_create”=>{“request_id”=>“62e2fae64b6e24f8e3b0e08f”, “product”=>{“id”=>“UHJvZHVjdEluZm86MjkxNDgyNDgx”, “name”=>“Travel Berkey (1.5 gal) Water Purification System - [Berkey-Travel]”, “sku”=>“F-TRV-0014”, “created_at”=>“2022-07-28T21:08:54”, “account_id”=>“QWNjb3VudDo2ODA1MA==”, “kit_components”=>[{“id”=>“S2l0dGluZ01hcDozNTk1MzUxNA==”, “sku”=>“Berkey-Travel”, “quantity”=>1}]}}}}

A second or so later, we make a 2nd product_create mutation request with these attributes:

{:name=>“Travel Berkey (1.5 gal) Water Purification System - [Berkey-Travel]”, :sku=>“Berkey-Travel-OPENBOX”, :customer_account_id=>“QWNjb3VudDo2ODA1MA==”, :warehouse_products=>[{:warehouse_id=>84771, :on_hand=>0, :inventory_bin=>“A1”, :reserve_inventory=>0, :replenishment_level=>1, :reorder_level=>1, :reorder_amount=>20, :custom=>false}]}

This time, we get the response that we expect with no kit_components:

{“data”=>{“product_create”=>{“request_id”=>“62e2fae97ca5720090a976bc”, “product”=>{“id”=>“UHJvZHVjdEluZm86MjkxNDgyNDgz”, “name”=>“Travel Berkey (1.5 gal) Water Purification System - [Berkey-Travel]”, “sku”=>“Berkey-Travel-OPENBOX”, “created_at”=>“2022-07-28T21:08:58”, “account_id”=>“QWNjb3VudDo2ODA1MA==”, “kit_components”=>}}}}

Can you please help us identify if there is something we are doing wrong in our mutations, or if there is something amiss on the ShipHero API side?

Thanks so much,

Hello @ajitdsa!

Welcome to the ShipHero Public API Community. Glad to have you here!

We will look into this and let you know as soon as we have an update.

Have a great day!

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Hey @ajitdsa,

Thank you for your patience!
Wanted to let you know we’re still actively investigating this issue.


Hey @ajitdsa,

Thanks for your patience.
Has this happened with any other SKUs/Kits? We’re having issues trying to reproduce this issue. Curious if there were other examples we could look into. Leaning towards this being a onetime error at the moment.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.