Product not removed from vendor when using vendor_remove_product

We’re using GraphQL to add and remove vendors from products, but there’s a huge problem when we’re using vendor_remove_product.

When we lookup the product the vendor is correctly removed, and if we get the vendors on a product using GraphQL - the array is also empty, but if we search for the product on the vendor, the product is still there, and is still added when we create a PO.

Bonus info - you can manually remove the product from the vendor, when you search for the product on the vendor, but we can’t find a way to lookup products that needs to be removed from the vendor, and we are not going to do that manually, since this is a problem in your system.

Please fix this ASAP as this is causing huge problems for our vendors.

I have tried writing to your mail, but there isn’t any help to get that way.

Hello @Webtimisten!

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Could you please share with me a request ID of one of those cases?

If you could also share some SKUs or Product IDs that are experiencing this, that would be great.

Lastly, if you have a ticket number from support, please send it to me so I can see what went wrong there.

Have a nice day!

As I wrote to the support mail on April 5th:

I have used the API to remove vendors from products, but the product is still attached to the vendor.

The vendor isn’t visible when we view the product in ShipHero, but if we search for the product sku on the vendor, the product is still there:

Try and look up the product sku: LG-11064 on the 3PL account Kinder And Kids - Import for kids. The vendor “Legler OHG” isn’t added on the product. But if you look up the sku on the vendor, the product is still there. That’s a huge problem.

This is the request_id for vendor_remove_product:
{ “vendor_remove_product”: { “request_id”: “624c0f974131e03036eb6e91”, “complexity”: 5 } }

The ticket number is: 15012

Hello @Webtimisten!

For product LG-11064 I can see it has no vendor, and it doesn’t exist in the vendor.

For product LG-10625 I can see it has the vendor and it exists in the vendor.

Did you manually correct these since you contacted us?

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Hi Tomas

Yes, we have manually deleted some of the products from the vendor.

The product skus below are all examples of products where we have successfully removed the vendor “Legler OHG” from the product, but the product is still attached to the vendor when searching for products on the vendor:


Note that some of the products are no longer active.

Hi Tomas

Is there anything new on this?

Hello @Webtimisten!

I managed to find what is causing this. Another child account has the same SKUs in the same WH associated with that vendor.

That is why inside the vendor you can still see the association.

The child account is Onlinekids,

Kind regards,

Hi Tomas

It doesn’t make sense.

Try look a the sku LG-10757 - the product exists on both accounts; Import for kids and Onlinekids, but the attached vendor exists only on Import for kids, but yet it’s visible in the UI on both products. Strange! It’s should only be visible on Import for kids.

But - we have removed the vendor from the product using the API, so it shouldn’t even be visible on the Import for kids product either.

Another strange thing - if you look up the product using the API (both on the Onlinekids and the Import for kids account), the vendors array is empty, so it doesn’t make sense it’s visible in the UI on the product, nor doesn’t it make sense, it’s searchable on the vendor, if you search for the sku to add there.

Please find a solution for this strange behaviour.

Hello @Webtimisten!

I’m going to create a ticket for engineering.

I can see the vendor can be seen associated to the product in the product page from the 3PL account, but checking the product page in the child account it doesn’t show it.

Kind regards,