Product Profiles

Hi. I am struggling a bit with product profiles. My understanding is that in order for billing to work I need to add every product to a product profile on the billing screen. I cannot find a bulk way to add products to a product profile. And adding them manually using the provided screen is almost unusable for thousands of products. Please can you advise me if there is a better way to manage product profiles?

I have made a video of me struggling to add products to a product profile. I can only add 50 products at a time.

Hi @TheMarket!
Thanks for the video!
I see wee currently have an opened feature request about it (to bulk upload product profiles), I will try to see if I can expedite it, or if we could load them for you in the meantime.
For future reference, non Public API related questions feel free to contact, they will be able to help :slightly_smiling_face:
I will let you know as soon as I have a response to this.
Thanks in advance!

Oh woops sorry about that. Will do. Thanks for the assistance.

No worries at all @TheMarket!
I’ll let you know when there is any progress on that.
Thanks again for the patience!

Hi @TheMarket
Unfortunately, I do not have an ETA on this yet, but I was told that you could reach our support team at and send us a CSV file with the products to add and the profile details and we can upload them on the backend for you.
Thanks again for the patience!

Ok thanks that will work for now.