Product rename doesn't affect vendor

Steps to reproduce the issue through GraphQL:

  1. Create a product in all warehouses

    $sku: String!,
    $title: String!,
    $warehouse_products: [CreateWarehouseProductInput]!
    ) {
    data: {
    sku: $sku
    name: $title
    warehouse_products: $warehouse_products
    { product { id sku name } }

Variables: { "sku": "Table-123", "title": "Magnificent Table", "warehouse_products": [...] }

  1. Assign product to a Vendor

    mutation($vendor_id: String!, $sku: String!) {
    data: {
    vendor_id: $vendor_id,
    sku: $sku
    ) { request_id }

  2. Rename the product

    mutation($sku: String!, $title: String) {
    data: {
    sku: $sku
    name: $title
    ) { product { id sku name } }

Variables: { "sku": "Table-123", "title": "New title" }

Expected vs Actual behaviour

Works: The item gets renamed in Product list

Does not work: The item does not get renamed in Vendor list

We are able to rename products from the UI.

Hi @adit_reachdesk
Thank you for the level of detail on how to reproduce this, that really helps.
We currently have an opened ticket for this. Unfortunately there is no ETA for this to be fixed yet, but I will provide an update as soon as possible.
Thanks again!

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