Pull inventory information for items that have changed in the last hour

We need to know what items have had either a quantity available or cost change in the preceding hour (and grab what those new values are). Is this possible without querying the entire catalogue every hour (about 15k SKUs)?

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Hi @dngreen !
As for the inventory changes you could use the inventory_changes query.
Also if you would like to know recent updates on products you could also use the products query and filter by updated_from and updated_to.
Would that work for you?


Hi. Where do we find documentation on inventory_changes? I cannot find it as a query or mutation. :frowning:

Hi @TheMarket!

I added that example to https://developer.shiphero.com/examples-query/#inventory-changes
It changes a bit if you are on a Static Slotting account.

You can also see all the available fields if you navigate through the schema

Let me know if there is anything else I could help you with!
Thanks again,