Purchase_order_create showing tracking_number as Unknown field


I’m not able to add tracking_number in purchase_order_create mutation, It is throwing
In field “tracking_number”: Unknown field." error.
I’m able to use tracking_number in purchase_order_update but I need it in create mutation.

Is there a way to add tracking number in purchase_order_create mutation?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @supritha!
Thank you for the detailed explanation about this.
Currently, the only way of adding that tracking_number is by using the purchase_order_update mutation, but we have submitted a request for this to be added and will let you know as soon as we have a response back.
Thanks in advance!

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Thank you, @tomasw !

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Hi @supritha!
Unfortunately, we won’t be able to add this field at the moment, so for now, the only way to edit that field is using the tracking_number on the purchase_order_update mutation
We apologize for the inconvenience of this and thanks again for the patience while we discuss it internally

No problem, @tomasw!
Thanks for the update.

Supritha R

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Has this been fixed yet?

Hello @waltlawsmacd-gloss!
Currently, using the tracking_number on the purchase_order_update mutation is the only way to achieve this.
However, I will ask again and get back to you when I have an answer.
Have a great day!