Purchase Order Data - GraphQL API

Hi @Ryanap – Are there any updates on the duplicate PO statuses or the misaligned data between Shiphero application and what’s shown in the API?

Hi @sh-agent – Can you please share an update on the progress of this topic?

Hey @kavitha and @glew_mar10,

Apologies for the delay here!
Revisiting this topic with the team now.

I’ll update you all here shortly.


@sh-agent – Are there any updates that you can provide on this?

cc: @TBaxter

Hey Team,

Thanks for hanging in there, I sincerely apologize for the delay.

The purchase order data queried from the Public API most accurately matches the information shown on the newer: https://purchase-orders.shiphero.com/purchase-orders/details/“po_id” link.

The fulfillment status returned reflects the whole purchase order overall, not the line items, and the statuses that can be observed are “pending,” “complete,” or “canceled.”

The inventory status here:

Is not directly returned by the Public API, but you can discern that status by comparing the expected and received quantity:

if the quantity expected is 50 but you’ve received 40, it’s under received.
if the quantity expected is 50 but you’ve received 50, it’s received.
if the quantity expected is 50 but you’ve received 60, it’s over received.

There is no update at the moment regarding the filters.

Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns!


Hi @sh-agent – Thank you for the information on calculating 1 of 3 different fulfillment statuses. This makes sense.

The main issue, PO level and PO line item level statuses being duplicated, still exists. Can you please provide an update on this?

Looking back to your reply on 4/19 and you said “I’ve gone ahead and escalated the PO line item and PO level status having the same value issue as a bug. I’ll let you know when a fix has been rolled out here.”

On 05/03 you said, “The second issue that I thought was a bug, has since been passed along as feedback to add the ability to return the line item status through the PO Query as well.”

Is there any update on making the PO line_item status available in the PO query? Right now, every line_item_status is matching the overall status of the PO at the order level.

Please kindly provide an update here.

Hey @glew_mar10,

Thanks for following up here!

At the moment, I have no updates to share regarding the implementation of this feature. I’ll closely monitor that request and update everyone once any movement has been made.

Please let me know if you have any questions!