Duplicate SKUs in PO via API - Not available/seen via the UI

Hey Heroes!

We’ve got a bit of an odd one today. For one of our POs, the API returned multiple line items that have the same sku, each one with a different line item ID, and each one with a different partner line item id, and all with the same fulfillment status.

We’re going to create a bug report ticket with the support team on this as well. According to our team, the PO was created using the “Auto-Add Backordered Items” button.

We need to understand how this occurred, and if it’s expected behavior or a bug, because in our ETL data it made it look like we had 11 of these items on order, when in fact we only had 1 on order.

We don’t have the request IDs for this since it’s our backend ETL scripts that pulled the data, and we observed it in our data warehouse, but we can do a test request (or even better we can provide the PO ID if the ShipHero devs would like to look under the hood).

Thank you!


Hey Sid, yes please, send us the ID. You can send it privately if you prefer.

Purchase Order ID for this:

PO Line Item IDs for this:

Thank you @tomasfd !

Hi Sid,

There is no issue with the query from the Public API. The query returns what it is in the database. We discovered that the issue originated from the UI, so we are giving this to our dedicated Tier 2 team with our findings so they can follow up with you in ticket 168598.

Have a nice day!