Replenishment Report Report - Possible?

Is there any way to check the replenishment report via the API?

Since the main ShipHero dashboard doesn’t have any way to get notifications when items hit the replenishment report, I was hoping we might be able to create a custom notification by checking the replenishment report via API occasionally to ensure pickable bins never get too low. Is this possible via API?

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Hi @atlatin
There is no current way of doing it, those fields have to be calculated based on the data from locations and warehouse_products queries.
I made a Feature Request for this to be added and will let you know as soon as I get a response about it.
Thanks in advance!

Hi @atlatin
Unfortunately, we won’t be able to work on this in the short term. Right now we don’t have the resources to make this possible due to the complexity of the task, and we are focusing our resources on preparing for our peak season as well as optimizing the performance of the API.
I will keep this post in case we get more requests for this, and also we will keep track of this for our leadership team.
Thanks again!

Thanks for the update. Is there any other way at all to get notifications when items go on the replenishment report?

As of right now the Replenishment report isn’t on the ShipHero dashboard and there are no notifications for it so it requires manually checking it constantly to see if anything new that needs to be replenished.

Hi @atlatin!
We don’t have a way of getting notifications, but we do have the report available on the ShipHero Dashboard, at (not sure if you were referring to this same report)
It doesn’t have a notification trigger, but it should display the items that need replenishment.
Let me know if this doesn’t help.
Thanks again!

@tomasw , thanks for the response. I was referring to the main dashboard since that helps get a quick glimpse of everything going on for the day without clicking around to multiple pages. On that main dashboard it doesn’t show the actual report, just a link to go to the page.

I see what you mean @atlatin
Let me gather this feedback so when we work on the new dashboard I can ask if this can be included. I did ask, and the reason we don’t display it is because of the level of details the report has, and that it will not be easy to display it in just one box
Thanks again!

@tomasw I just wanted to followup and see if accessing the replenishment report via the API was ever added or not at the moment?

Hey @atlatin,

Thanks for following up!

There is still currently no way to access the replenishment report via the API.
Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.