Rerurn query - Kit and Component refund/exchange qty

I used return query and I am not getting correct results. Something is missing when product is Kit.
Suppose a product have two kit components. each with 6 qty.
If 1 main product returned with total 11 qty.
One of its kit component is restock for 5, but… which one ?
There is no way to identify which SKU restock with 5 qty that in return graphql query response.

Request ID : 64787ab6702f71910ae25bcc

Please guide if I am missing anything.

Hey @sannket,

Thanks for reaching out!
Looking into this now, I’ll have an update for you shortly.


Hey @sannket,

Thanks for hanging in there!

Could you explain this issue again?

I ran a return query for your example and can confirm that the API data is matching the web page. I also used the line item id to differentiate between the two SKU’s quantity and quantity received.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


@Rayanp Thanks for looking into it.
Let me stick to this particular incident.
Please explain how can I understand that restock quantity of 0038407558848 was 5 and 0038407558831 was 6. Both SKUs don’t exists in return response line items. Only exists in lineitem > product > kit components

Both are part of main product 0038407561206.

Basically, I need SKU, restock value same as below screenshot of return page.
so question is, Which graphql queries do I need ? to get those info for return id 4902126 ?