Rest API Create shipment issue

I`m trying to create shipment via rest api, but warehouse is not set on Shiphero UI side

My request is:
{ "token": "my token", "profile": "default", "warehouse": "Dropship", "shipment": { "create_shipment": 1, "order_id": "my_order_id", "shipment_id": "", "carrier": "Amazon", "shipping_method": "", "tracking_number": "123123 ", "cost": "123", "line_items" : [ { "id": "316431921", "quantity": 2 } ], "dimensions" : { "weight": "", "length": "", "width": "", "height": "" }, "customs_info": [], "address": { "name": "Name", "address1": "218 N BAY HILLS BLVD", "address2": "", "city": "SAFETY HARBOR", "postal_code": "34695-4903", "state": "FL", "country": "US" }, "label": { "pdf": "", "png": "" } } }

I sure that i have warehouse with Dropship identifier.

Could somebody provide me what am I doing wrong?

Hi @kotofanik!
Just out of curiosity, is there any reason you are not using the GraphQL API?

On the other hand, I just submitted a ticket for that to be reviewed by the engineering team, as soon as I get a response to that I’ll let you know.