Return_create gives error for invalid field yet the field is valid

Here is the response that includes the request_id:

{u'field': u'return_create', 
u'message': u'Invalid line items. Details: Unknown field is_component', 
u'code': 9, 
u'operation': u'return_create', 
u'request_id': u'5e0122a7550f777c1c22e524' }

The field in part of my return_create request is:
is_component: true

However, it is clearly a field in the line_items documentation:

Hi @nturk !
You are absolutely right, I already submitted a ticket for our engineering team to have a look at it.
I will let you know as soon as I get an update.
In case it helps, you could avoid using that field and return should be created successfully.

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