Cannot create return due to Unexpected Error

Here is the full response:

  "errors": [
      "message": "Unexpected Error",
      "operation": "return_create",
      "field": "return_create",
      "request_id": "5e56beee03ecc1359e7edc8b",
      "code": 22
  "data": {
    "return_create": null

Can you give me a better explanation based on request_id than Unexpected Error?


Hi @nturk!
I apologize for the delay on this. I have been trying to reproduce on my account and couldn’t so far.
Are you still seeing this on your mutations?
Any advice is welcome,

Hi again @nturk
In this particular case it is because of the empty fields sent

address: {state: "", country: "", name: "", city: "", zip: "", address2: "", address1: "", phone: ""},

We are currently working on better validation, as we know how annoying it might be to see Unexpected errors and not know what the real error is about.
In the meantime an advice would be to avoid sending empty fields
I appreciate the patience on this.
Thanks again,