Setting order id and currency

I am working on creating my new graphql integration and have two questions regarding the order_create mutation.

  1. How can I set the currency? We have a multi-currency store and need to bring the currency over with the order.
  2. I know it is possible to set the order_number, but is it also possible to set the order_id?


hello @Csraspini I don’t see the currency on the order create field as an option at the moment of create order in the API documentation, what you can do to set the correct currency is create an automation rule base on the order shipping address or on the shop name for instance, and regarding the order_id, is something that the system assign when the order is not possible set by the users.

OK, thank you for your reply! Sorry for answering so late, but I didn’t have a chance to reply sooner.

Hi guys,

sorry for necroposting but are there any news in regards to setting currency via order_create mutation? :slight_smile:


Hi @Darius_VikingC!
Nothing to be sorry about!. We don’t have that in our scope actually, would you like me to ask the team if this is something we could add maybe?
Thanks in advance!

Hi @tomasw

that would be super duper cool :slightly_smiling_face: