Mutation: Set Box Field

I need to use the API to set the box field. I can’t seem to find that in any of the mutations.

Is this currently not possible? Is it something that is in the roadmap?


Hi @Mike!
Unfortunately, we don’t have it available at the moment, but we have plans on adding it to our Mutation upon Order Creation.
We don’t have an ETA on when this will be implemented but we will keep you updated on the progress.
Thanks in advance for the patience while we build this!

Ok thanks for the update. You said you will add it “upon order creation” but I think it is important that it would be something that could be changed AFTER orders are created also. We need a way to change the box choice for existing orders because the default they get assigned on creation is not always optimal, so we are creating logic to go through and change the box to the specific one that is best.

Thanks and really looking forward to this being implemented.

Thanks for pointing that out @Mike!
We also requested for it to be added to the order_update mutation now :+1:

Thanks again for the patience and we will let you know as soon as we have an update about it!

Any chance this might be avaliable soon?

We’ve completed our work to build a nifty box optimization tool but have no way of setting the box in shiphero!


Hi @Mike!
We are hoping to reprioritize our ticket soon and see if we can work on this. We will keep you updated. Thanks for the patience once again!

Thanks hoping it will be supported soon!

Any chance this will be supported soon? Eagerly waiting!

Hi @Mike!
Unfortunately, we won’t be able to build this soon. Any chance you could set this temporarily using Automation Rules?
Something like: If Tag = Box 123 then Set Box to Use: Box 123

Thanks again for the patience!

Don’t your automation rules only run on order creation?

Also wouldn’t your solution require setting one automation rule for every box?

Also your GUI only seems to let me setup automation rules for individual stores, so that means actuallu every box and store combo needs a separate rule?

Ability to set box via API would be just one and done.

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Hi @tomasw Can you please chime in on the above? I am scratching my head as to how to properly set boxes after an order is created in ShipHero. Seems like a fundamental and critical capability that should be supported.


Hi there we are still stuck without a viable solution.

Any glimpse of hope that you’ll let users set boxes via API?

Anyone else think this is a good idea to be supported? If you’re reading this please chime in.


Just wanted to follow this as well since this is such a critical aspect. If we used the tag automation you suggested above, would that only work on tags added from the store? Or can we add the tag after the order is created directly in ShipHero (either using UI or API) and use that as the trigger for the automation to set the box? This way we can change/set boxes for existing orders.

Yay it looks like you now support this! Perhaps you can help me figure out how to use it properly.

We’re trying to update the box_name for an order via the new field in the order_update mutation but any inputs (including valid ones) give back “Unexpected Error.”

Here’s a screenshot


request id is:

mutation {

Hi @Mike
Thank you for the request-id, I will be happy to take a closer look.

The fix should be deployed shortly, most likely eod. I will let you know here!

This should be good to go!

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